Thursday, November 24, 2011

Little kitty look after little baby......

Yong: This is our neighbour 's little kitty. The kitty accompany the baby sleeping. Don't they look so lovely......

Having a cat at home is the most enjoyable and comforting feelings you will have if you treat them with love too. I still remember the first time I had Mika, he never the chosen one at first time(there were 4 kitten to choose from) but when I finally want to bring a cat home I just fall in love with this cute and orangie kitten. He was very energetic little kitty and run so fast........but very shy to people.

All the year I'm with Mika, his character even depicted little of my character too. I'm not very outspoken, Mika also not so vocalise, he seldom raise his voice except when demanding for food. The best part is Mika always stay in the house if I'm not working. He always follow me in the house, accompany me in the kitchen and lay lazily on couch with me. To me cat is the best friend to ladies even men too.......:o))

If you have cats please gave them the love they deserve, surely you can feels the love from them.

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