Monday, November 7, 2011

Lite & easy........

Yong: While Mika taking his nap, I be able to log in the internet and start upload the photo. Doesn't he look so cute and priceless to see this peaceful side!

This is what we had for our breakfast today, spaghetti meatball (top) and Laksa Penang (bottom) from yesterday left over.

The Laksa Penang was prepared by my sister at her in laws house and brought some for our usual what ever my sister cook it will be a hit. When the gravy kept a night, it taste much better.

The guests arrived and they just " serang dapur" (straight go to the kitchen) They chit chat about 30 minute while waiting for my spaghetti ready to be serve, they had the Laksa Penang first.

The foods are full on the table....very satisfying as the guests enjoy every minute of it!

"Makan jangan tak makan. Bersilang tangan masing-masing menjamu selera!"

This is what was left for me to indulge, on the left is chiffon cake which recipe I got from the famous, Kak Rima and the chocolate moist cake is the recipe I got it my neigbour's relative. Next entry I will share with you the recipes ok.

Aaaahhhh......tomorrow back to work! And face the busy schedule as usual.....Have a productive week a head everybody!


  1. Everything looks delicious! I love to eat new things and these look great.

  2. KL,
    Yeah....we had a blast day and enjoy their companies. Luckily, the foods all gone and no waste at all. Mika only shows up once all the guests has left our house.....about 8.30pm....