Monday, November 7, 2011

The feast is over......time to rest....

Yong: Well........what a busy day indeed! I just finished freshen up and laying on my bed waiting for my eye to get sleepy.....Mika just can't stop not know what he wants! Aaaizzz how can I sleep right now!

Today all day I'm at the kitchen.....since we got news the night before that 4 of my cousins with their family wants to celebrate Eidul Adha with us....we're so do not know what to cook! The plan was to cook "Nasi Minyak", "rendang" ,"udang masak sos" and "sambal goreng" and I also want to cook the second cake this morning. We had to make plan B for the second menu. I call my sister and we decided to make spaghetti meatball. That the easiest and quickest dish that we can think of, beside, we just bought the ready made spaghetti sauce and do some twist on it!

Sorry I forgot to capture all the good foods but will look in my sister FB and upload some of the moment. I bake two cakes, on Saturday I made chiffon cake and this morning I made chocolate moist cake. I will upload the photo and recipe to tomorrow.....hope I have the time to do it.....

I better get some sleep as tomorrow, need to continue to clean all the pots and pans and after that need to send my Mom to get her prescription. Then I can get more rest and be a couch potato all day......miss my tv lol!

Sweet dream!

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