Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's that ride again!

Yong: Hello friends, sorry we are very silent since the last post. I'm very busy with work and also last weekend we took opportunity to visit my Aunt at Kuala Kubu Bahru staying overnight. Mika was entrusted to look after the house, beside its better than to send him to the pet boarding...Mika a little annoy about this and pissed off because I ignore him and only see him at night I took him for car ride.......

Mika: I reluctant to enter into the car, that's why I show my behind to Yong!

Mika: But I can't resist too....har...har....See how joyful I'am as I wangling my tail.

This is my favourite stand position whenever I went for car ride.

Are we arrive already!!?

Yong, please do this again soon.......ok......


  1. You are very brave to go for a car ride. It usually means a visit to the vet for us.

  2. Actually.....its not bad at all....except scratching is prohibited in Yong's car..Anyhow, I already left few marks!Har..har..

  3. We cannot believe you like the car ride! We howl and drool all over.