Sunday, September 18, 2011

Long vacation & cat boarding

Mika: Hello friends, by the time you read this I'll be away for the whole week as Yong and her family will go for vacation. This is unfair! They will fly to Kuching, Sarawak and left me alone at boarding center. Yong said the place is much better than any place that she already surveyed. Well, I hope you right Yong! Don't make my sparkling fur fall off!

Yong: I really had a hard time and dilemma for this vacation! What was I thinking? We all so trilled on this long awaited holiday but when the times come I really sad and worried about Mika. He never been to cat boarding. I even surveyed 4 places but not to my satisfaction. I nearly sent to Petnode which later found that the boarding center has mistreated the cat and lead to the death of 16 cats. Very sad story........

Then I remember about Animal Hotel from MAS Cargo, but when I search their web the cost for 1 night is RM60.00 exclude meals! That over my budget! Then I remember I saw an advertisement about cat boarding in shipping magazine, do you believe that, shipping magazine! The center call Scallywags( I called them but to my disappointment, they already full booked in Sept. I had only 2 weeks, when my sister's friend came to the rescue. She use to sent her cat to this place and she is satisfy with their service. So before I decide, I went to the place to see for myself and I'm happy with their boarding area. I sent Mika to Kelana Jaya Veterinary Clinic( I really had a long talk for the next one week, play with him and give much love hug and strokes to Mika and the day I sent him, he is calm but you can see his eyes look scared.

We already miss you Mika, will call the center on Tuesday to check out his situation. I will posted any news ok......

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  1. We hope Yong has a good holiday, and that your stay in the cat hotel is a good one.