Sunday, May 22, 2011

Something new....

Mika: Happy weekend everybody..... Can you see something new? Yong bought this from yesterday outing. Good bye green bowl......! Here come the stylish porcelain....

This while I'm having my breakfast. Don't you think the height a bit low for me?

I'm having my lunch, fish and rice.....yummy!

I think the height is about right for me to have comfortable eating. Enjoy your weekend food.....


  1. beli kat mana???comel la bowl tue...kalau kite wat makan maggi je...hikhik... =))

  2. Sharz,
    Special sikit.....bli kat Tesco...Dah 6 tahun guna green bowl tu. Nampak bowl yg comel tu grab aje.

  3. yang warna oren n putih tu dua2 untuk kucing ke???

  4. Ya....dua2 untuk Mika. Since Mika having 3 small meal a day so ada 2 tempat makan la. Pagi & malam guna bowl dan plate putih tu untuk lunch. Yang oren tu buat tapak aje.Dah x nak guna plastic bowl lagi utk tempat makan.