Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Talking Tuesday

Yong: Today is a public holiday in Malaysia for Prophets Muhammad's Birthday. We need to do some shopping to prepare for Aqie's birthday this coming Sunday. Mika will be alone until late afternoon. This morning, Mika made us laugh by his colourful character.

Mika: What!!! I'm alone again!

Yong: Ok...ok...I give you chicken bone!

Mika: a big chicken bone!

Mika: How should I grab this?? The smell soooooo wonderful.........

Mika: Mom, I want the chicken bone.....I don't want to be alone.....

Mom: My poor boy.....chicken bone not good for you my dear. We just out for a good ok....

We got back around 3.00pm, we all so tired and took some nap and Mika hang out outside the house all evening. Once I finished bathing and ready to clear all the shopping stuff, Mika came back from his outside patrol...well it almost 7.00pm and its time for his dinner.

Mika: Lots of stuffs! Hope there are some for me......

Mika: Yong! I want my dinner!

Mika: Lets check out what the family bought from the shopping. Party goodies for Aqie's birthday

Mika: This is Aqie's favourite chips..... Where is my goodies????

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