Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tasty dinner & good massage

Yong: For 2 days, Mika missed his fish and rice lunch but since I'm out on Saturday morning to accompany my Mom visit her sisters in Klang and only back by 4.30 pm. I promise Mika to give his favourite delicacies during dinner time.

Mika: My tasty dinner! Finally!

Mika: Yum...yum...

Mika: Not just tasty dinner, Yong also give me massage after that!

Mika: left alone has a good side after all...

Mika: Ooooo...I'm loving it!

Mika: This is massage will reduce your tension. A soft stroke on the head and ears will let loose all the tension.

Mika: I'm refresh now and not feel sad anymore. Yong, you are very good in spoiling me....

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