Thursday, February 24, 2011

Play with Aqie's chair and cat in Rome

Mika: Can you guess where I'm sitting?

Mika: This is Aqie's baby seat which was abandon quite a while. Yong....can you put my bowl here?

Yong: You not a baby, you know.....

Mika: Can I just pretend for a while....??


This is cat photo taken by my cousin, Adik Nash during his holiday in Rome during winter 2010. There is no show in Rome so the cats can wander around the area. Now his on holiday again in some part of Europe, so will see if he can capture any cute cats.

P/S: I'll be away for 4 days to Johor Bahru to meet my best friends. I'm not sure can do blogging or not. Wait & see ok.....

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