Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bukit Gambang,Kuantan

On 3 and 4 Feb, we off to Bukit Gambang Resort City for our holiday. We had plan this from December last year.

Mika: Not feeling good since Yong will out for 2 days and I'm all alone to guard the house.

Aqie: Don't be sad Mika, we all going to miss you....

Yong: Aqie so nice console Mika while we all getting ready and I've also had a cat talk with Mika 3 days before we off to the vacation. Still he feel sad.....
A night before we left I'm down with slight fever, cold and coughing. So I took medicine the night before and on the morning and slept all the way. Luckily I'm not driving, my BIL be the driver. Aqie also just recover 2 days before and he still on medication. So much so, we still excited on the journey.

Arriving and check-in. Penguin is the mascot of the theme park. Nice swimming pool. We stayed at Carribean Bay Suites, its an apartment. The hall and room is spacious even Aqie loved play in the room. Check out

After check-in we headed to the hotel cafe and order our very satisfying lunch.

After that we headed to the room and change cloth and ready to go to the water park. It's located about 250 meters from our accommodation. You can either walk or take tram with RM1 charge per trip. Entry ticket for adult is RM21.90, kid is RM14.90, kid below 90cm is free admission and senior citizen is half prize.

We had fun time on the park. Not much photo I took since the photographer also can't resist to see all of them having fun. This is the most visited area, man made beach,Coco Beach. They have lots of attraction area to satisfy your adrenalin.

At night we off to Gambang town with located about 6km from our accommodation. There is a food court and we satisfy with our dinner since we were hungry after all the excitement we had during the day. Everybody slept like a baby!

The next morning, after we had our breakfast we played some games at the hotel Mini Amusement Park. Aqie showed his skill and we finished RM20.00 to buy token. We also check on the Gift Shop and buy some souvenirs to bring home. Before we check-out at 12.00pm, we chilled out at the balcony while Aqie's Daddy take a short nap.

We reach home around 5.30pm and before we all enter into the house, I need to clean the toilet and sanitize the smell. We are proud that Mika doing his "business" in the toilet and not mess-up the house while we out for 2 or 3 days. He can take care of himself well. What the first thing he do when his out....make himself visible to the world!

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