Sunday, August 7, 2011

A trip to Bukit Bintang

Yong: Yesterday, my Mom & I went a little trip to our Kuala Lumpur(KL) city, a famous shopping area, Bukit Bintang. Never plan to go to this area, I ask my Mom to accompany me to find where is Concorde Hotel since I will have training there on 15 & 16 Aug. We took public transport as I'm not a good driver in KL ...actually never drove to KL anyway.....huhu. So we start our journey as early as 8.30 am taking komuter train in Shah Alam, when we reach KL Sentral, we walk about 15 minutes to KL Sentral Monorail. We headed first to Concorde Hotel then once I now where it is, I suggest to Mom why not we go to Bukit Bintang. I'm so trilled and amazed with the transformation of Bukit Bintang. The last time I was there in 1993 during my LCCI study in MARA. The area not so hassle and bustle like today, if I can recalled only one major shopping mall, LOT 10 which the famous "lepak" area. Now the area have more then 3 new shopping mall. The latest is Pavilion. I'm so excited to go each of them but I choose the newest first.

The first thing to do is taking photo! We got there around 10.45 am, so not many people yet.

My turn to take photo, inside of the mall. Lots of high class boutiques, you see banner at the back said Tokyo Street, that's where we headed to which located at Level 6. Since it's Ramadan(fasting month), we can't try food here but nevertheless I bought a wonderful tiny cake which cause me RM12.oo. I've heard this cake from Kak Rima, so why not to try.

It's really good when not so many people yet at the mall. Anything from Japan can be found here. My interest is Daiso, they sold all item at RM5.00 and in there I found what I really wanted. Super excited when I finally got them! We will definitely go there and explore more....hmmm..... may be December, during the YES month.The Year End Sales of course!! Enough time to starts savings for shopping.....:o)) I already spot a grill pan to add my collection.

I reach home around 3.00pm, when I show what I bought to Mika, his give a detective sniff.

Mika: What is this? I don't think it fit my face.

Yong: This is ramekin if you really want to know. I can make souffle, pudding and creme brulee, even better, molten chocolate cake.

This is the cake that I bought, 7 Sins of Chocolate the name of this cake and it from Delectable by Su. And its really sinful, full of chocolate flavour. We ate during 'sahur' this morning.

Very delicious and worth price to pay for. I left it half and will eat today after breaking fast.....

Yong: Shhhhhh.......I tell you all the story until this boy fell asleep. Anyway it's Sunday , so have good rest everybody.......

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