Sunday, August 28, 2011

Recap.....August activities

Yong: Well, August coming to an end, soon we will celebrating Hari Raya Edil Fitri as well as our Merdeka Day. How times go by so fast.....I'm not updating much for our Aug activities.....:o(
Anyway, I prepare few recap of what we doing.....

Since I'm start baking and try new recepies,never had any order. However on 1st week of Aug, my sister approach me that her officemate want to make cake order. Well I'm not that good yet, anyway I took the challenge and make 2 cakes, choc cheese brownies and marble chiffon cake which both I took the recepies from Kak Rima. Thank you to my sister's friends who have courage to try the order. I hope you all enjoy despite the lack of presentation. I will practice and practice........

2nd week of Aug, we had a rainy day almost of the week, here Mika trying to lick the rain water. He likes rain water. Mika: Wait a minute! Is anybody see me doing this? Better not, someone will see me I'm not fasting! Yong: Ha...ha...betul ke posa????

On Sunday, 3rd week of Aug, Mika had an argument with Mr they no friend anymore.What shall I do to make them friend

Last week,me & my Mom had our iftar at Concorde KL Hotel. Scrumptious and plenty of food. We ate until full.....What a day and we really enjoy it!

There goes our August activities......eventhough I always back late from the office but my weekend always full with other activities as if I'm working all day without stop! Now we had only 2 day before Hari Raya surely my day event busiest. I had repeat order for the chiffon cake and I also decided to make 2 cakes for Hari Raya, chocolate cake and blueberry cheesecake. Wait for the next entry ok......

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