Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unfair week.....

Mika: Hello kitty friends & human friends, to night I want to share my disappointment over Yong before I go to sleep. I need to release this burden so that I can get my beauty sleep.....Here goes the last weekend stories....again disappointment! Only today she free to open her lappy.....

Mika: Yong I want my dinner prompt o, I see you start measuring the cake ingredient. I bet that my dinner will be at 8.00pm

Yong: I'm not baking anything for 3 weeks now, so on Sunday I decided to try Marble Nutella cake from Kak Rima. I start a bit late almost 6.00pm, yes Mika already sit near his eating area waiting for his dinner. But I'm too busy mixing the batter, after I've put the cake in the oven, by the time it was almost 8.oopm and with guilty face I gave him the rice and fish. At the end, the cake is not what I expected to turn up.

Yong: The ugly cake! You can compare with Kak Rima's:http://www.bisousatoi.com/2010/11/salam-aidil-adha-2010.html

Yong: The cake taste is delicious despite the not so good looking cake. I'm not sure what I have done wrong, I will try again this cake within 2 weeks time. This weekend I made promise to my sister to make cupcakes she graving for a long time. I already found the recipe in Food Network Channel. I hope will not face the same thing with this cupcake.

Mika: Finally, I got my dinner. I had unfair week....Yong treat me as second in everything.

Yong: We equal then, I had a bad baking day!


  1. Mika we think you should put a little bitey on Yong's feet to show her you were waiting too long for your dinner.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Alah, Mika jgn majuk... senyum sikit