Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bath & grooming

Mika: I'm happy because I got to have my Sunday bath plus grooming....Yong really put effort to make my Sunday a happy day for me!


Mika: The sun do the wonder....I just lick....lick....and lick....

Mika: Area around my paw need precise cleaning.....

Mika: I love lick my toesie...


Mika: After Yong finished baking her cupcake.....yes...she made it! She called me outside and show my grooming tools.

Mika: Am I handsome now?

Mika: Aaaaaaahhhhh.......I just love it! This should be everyday regime......

Yong: Don't want this furry thing goes down to your throat!


  1. Ah, fresh and clean and no hair balls!

  2. You look very handsome after all your bathing and grooming.

  3. You look furry clean and smart after you bath and grooming. You are right furballs are no joke!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Yeah.....actually the reason Yong bath me because she has plan for me on Tuesday....I feel something fishy here..purr....meowww..