Saturday, May 19, 2012

JB/SINGAPORE GETAWAY.......the goodies!

Yong: Hmmm.......still continue story of the trip.....:o))

We arrived at our hotel in JB around 10.00pm, the journey back from SG to JB took 1 1/2 hour. We bravely took "private taxi" which cost us SG35.00 from Queen Street to Terminal Larkin.  

On 13/05/12, after a simple Mother's Day breakfast at Parapara Cafe, Grand Paragon, and check-out, we went to Ayer Hitam, Batu Pahat for other shopping. Places where many outlets selling pottery,home decorative items, wedding accessories and others crafts. Places are heaven for a shopaholic! Too eager until forgot to snap photo! Haaaiiiiz.....

After spend  2 hours shopping , we then off to Senai to check-in our 2nd hotel, Rose Cottege, a budget hotel (RM70.00 per night-deluxe room) which took 15 minutes drive to Senai International Airport since our Monday flight quite early, 8.45 am. Within 5 minute, we out again to see my friend at Taman JP Perdana at JB to visit her new bundle of joy, baby girl. 

On 14/05/12, we safely touch down at LCCT around 9.50 am and pick-up by my sister and had our brunch! The rest of the day we just sleep and relaxing! When we unpack our bag that day......looks who's join in! 

Mika: Hmmm.....let see what stuffs inside these two bags. Sniff...sniff....

Yong: Well.....with all the tough decision.....ha...ha...we only bought t-shirts and key chains.

Souvenir from the zoo

The trays bought from Sunlik. I couldn't find those at our nearby baking shop. Need to start my baking day soon!

Aaaahhhhhh.....I love those serving plate! Those we bought at Ayer Hitam. A very good price, the rectangular plate cost RM20.00 per piece and the glass round-handle serving plate costs RM85.00

Mom going gaga about that vase, costs only RM55.00. At first Mom don't want to buy since we took flight and worry on how to carry it. Well.....well....the shop assistant can wrapped the vase in the box and Mom smile ears to ears when she hear that.....:o)) The vase safely arrive to our home. Hope Mika don't stumble to this vase like he did when he's about 1 year old. It took 6 years for Mom to find the vase that she like! 

Mika: Enough with all the story.......faster serve my dinner now! You didn't get anything for me, do you?

Yong: GULP!

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