Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another year to celebrate........

Yong: This is what I wear today, my favourite t-shirt. I love this cool smiley face! No fancy birthday celebration today, but I eaten a lot during this two days! Saturday, I had pre-celebration with my Mom at JJ, Bukit Tinggi having our lunch at Secret Recipes and then do some shopping. I'm looking for a new purse as my birthday gift but not find the design that I like.

Then today, I bake a cake to bring to our office annual dinner which coincidentally fall on my birthday! Lucky me! I also repeat the tortilla pizza for our tea time. Three hours before, I had my dinner and the staffs surprise me with another cake! Look like I had to put on diet for the rest of this week......har..har..

Anyway, I'm happy and "bersyukur" that I'm still alive and well to face another year of my life.

Mika: Happy birthday Yong!

When I got home, I had my time with Mika ......we talk....we cuddle.....He was at home all day today! Thank you my loyal partner......I love soooo much!

Then....I watch him wash his face, get ready to sleep.

To all friends thank you for the birthday wishes!


  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your treats and cuddles with Mika!

  2. We are glad you had a good birthday Yong.
    Mika, did you wake up in time to get Yong's gift from the internet?

  3. KL,

    Thank you for the wishes. That time was precious - Yong

    Eric & Flynn,
    Har...har...I sleep through the night! Yong decided to buy her own gift instead.