Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hiding is over......

Hello friends, this is a very long hiding........reason because Aqie's been bullying me lately. Don't know why his been behave like this all the week! Even his Mommy puzzled about his character...Yong also having word fight with him because his been naughty to me!  Thanks Yong for backing me up!

He blocked the window so that I can't see my bird friend......really frust! 

Every morning, I have to wait and entertain him before he went to school. A very stressful morning......

This is where I usually slept (under Yong's bed) if Aqie already back from school........ pity me!

Anyway, still there is good news......Mom bought new gas cooker and hood! Yong said goodbye to the 20+ year old kitchen last Saturday. Bompani has been served to us and gave us lots and lots of good food and good memories in the kitchen......As always anything new thing in the house need my seal of approval! 
Welcome Europa! Yong gonna looking forward more baking with this cooker.......hope I can have roast chicken soon!!!

Yong just can't wait to test the gas oven and blueberry cheese muffin is the first baking. As always recipe is from Kak Rima's blog. 

After express my feeling......feel so tired and time for me to sleep. Please pray so that Aqie stop bullying me.....Good night and happy weekend.........

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  1. Oh no! Aqie needs to learn that he can't bully you. Maybe Yong could teach him to be nice to you.