Sunday, November 28, 2010

Play with Yong + Good luck Yong

Hi!!! I'm sorry to informed that due to my mistake I've accidently deleted all the published items. I'm also very sad....I will put back the picture what ever that still kept in my back up file but the story won't be as wonderful as before...Hope you continue to enjoy the story......

28 Nov 2010

Mika: Yong not at home for the whole day. She will attend an exam. Before she went off I've got an idea!

Mika: While she stroke me, I grab her hand & play fighting. She only can snap the picture of my paw grapping her hand. Don't worry no blood!!!!

Mika: See I'm aiming Yong's hand...Come on!Come on!

Yong: After that I'went to the table having breakfast and he jump to the chair. Look at his toesie, just like his wishing me good luck for the exam.

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