Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Aqie and Mika,buddies only when.......

29 Nov 2010

Yong: This is at 7.30 am, Aqie, my nephew, wakes up late but he still wants Mika to be his side until he finished his milk. Poor Mika, he stuck for about 15 minutes before Aqie let Mika out the house.

Lets flashback........

This was taken on 22 Nov 2010, holding Mika tails while milk feeding.....If Mika at that time around Aqie when he wants his milk, he always asked Mika to stay beside him. He will cry if not follow what he want...This is habit that Mika has to bear with Aqie!

Taken on 25 Nov 2010....Mika very annoyed when his tail been played again!

Aqie: I want Mika! I want Mika!

Look how intense Aqie holding the tail. He play it until finished feeding...& Mika was so nice just held his position like that.

Mika: Ooo no....Not again!!


  1. darn cute!!! the very best buddies ever..

  2. tomeynye!!!! tapi mika pandai la tunggu je...hikhik.. =))