Sunday, April 1, 2012

Swing Sunday ........and little notes from Yong

Mika: Today the weather is sunny. I love it! So I take a little swing and enjoy the sunny Sunday. Enjoy your Sunday everybody

P/S Yong: We were sorry for not regularly updating this humble blog as I was super busy for the last 3 weeks. Not sure if in April I will still occupy with this hectic work.The good side is I tone down working on Saturday but this is the day that I need to do some errands for Mom. Thank you for keep visiting us and drop few lovely comment and  short notes. We really cherish it. I still take a chance to blog walking to our friends.  After long day at work(this is me) or boring day ( Mika of course, he pissed off at me for neglecting him), your story, word of wisdom and funny moment kept us happy....:o))


  1. We have been having sunny weather too. We hope you have had a lovely and relaxing Sunday.

  2. Mika, you look pretty happy there on your swing! And Yong, we understand how humans get busy. Just blog when you can!!